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Maintenance & Repair

Electric Gate Maintenance and Repair in Hertfordshire and Surrounding Areas

Annual Electric Gate Maintenance Service

Your electric gate and automation system endure the elements, withstand the winds, and face the inevitable degradation of time. They require regular servicing to remain safe, reliable and effective.

Many people aren’t aware their gates need maintenance to operate to proper standards. We commonly receive calls from people whose gates are not in working order. By this stage, it is usually too late to recover the faulty parts, and a new, expensive replacement is required. Regular servicing of your electric gate could spare you the expense of replacing perfectly functional mechanisms in the future.

Servicing an electrical gate system should be conducted on an annual basis. Alban Gates offers reliable electric gate maintenance in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas, helping homeowners to foresee potential failing parts and avoid any unnecessary expenses, as well as keeping your electric gate functioning in a way that is safe for you, your family and your guests. We offer the following service packages:
  • One off service: No contract, just a single service per gate system charged at £145.00
  • Standard service package: One service per gate system per year, and one call out, charged at £245.00
  • Premium service package: Two services per gate system per year, and up to two call outs, charged at £450,00.

*No electric gate system parts are included in the above rates. These will be charged for based on individual requirements.

Kindly note:

Our annual maintenance service does not include repairs, which constitutes a separate service. If we arrive on site to conduct annual maintenance and discover your gate to be broken or faulty, we will regretfully invoice you a service fee even if we are unable to complete the service successfully. If your electric gate is in need of repairs, please make use of our fixed call out repair service, elaborated on below.

Electric Gate Repair Service in Hertfordshire

If your gate continuously gets stuck, refuses to open or close, makes no sound, or simply fails to react, there could be a fault with its mechanics or electronics. Alban Gates can repair faulty or damaged electric gate automation systems in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. The call out rate for Alban Gates is fixed at £120.00. A fixed rate enables us to provide a quality service that doesn’t compound additional charges. Within this rate, we will test your complete system for faults and report the damage. We will furthermore provide a detailed report and quote for the relevant repairs. If we are able to fix your electric gate automation system on site, we will do so. The parts we use will then be charged for accordingly.

Issues with electric gates could arise from worn or damaged motors, gates that have been forced, water that may have infiltrated, and insufficient drainage. Insects tend to get into the motors and control panel, bringing with them damp soil from the garden. Make sure that the system is sealed to prevent insects and slugs from migrating into these areas.

Alban Gates has applied professional solutions to a wide range of electric gate operational problems, while continuously striving to finish jobs within the boundaries of competitive prices. For fair and reliable repair work on your automated system, contact Alban Gates.

Alban Gates maintains and repairs automated electric gates in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.

Please use the Contact Us page to book an appointment. Alternatively, you can call us on 01727 761326 or email info@albangates.co.uk.

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